Artwork by Kate Foster

This page shows a selection of artwork by Kate Foster related to Peat Culture’s themes. As the project develops, new work from Galloway will appear.

Please click on the images and links to see more.

Posts from the field:

Field drawing in the rain on The Red Moss of Balerno

How deep is your bog? Workshop on Beggars Moss

Getting down to the Ice Age  Peat coring workshop on Kirkconnel Flow

Dog on a bog at Kirkconnel Flow

A blind eyeNutberry Moss and peat milling

Lungs of the earthWind Resistance, and peat extraction at Auchencorth Moss

Peatland Actions – Questions of scale: work with Nadiah Rosli for ArtCop 2015

for the love of … Sphagnum:  craftivism, and mosses from east to west

Related writing:

Kate Foster and Kerry Morrison (2018) Engaging with peatland restoration as embedded art practices within landscape partnerships. Blogpost on

Kate Foster and Claire Pençak (2016) Piloting strategies, arts and land use. Blogpost on