Artwork by Kate Foster


I graduated in Environmental Art from Glasgow School of Art (2001), having switched from social research. My work as an independent artist takes its form according to the specific context, and usually includes drawing documented as a bookwork. A series of BioGeoGraphies was supported through a Leverhulme Fellowship at Glasgow University (2005). These investigations of the unique histories of zoological specimens took unpredictable turns and travels, with varied outcomes, and were recorded in joint-authored publications. Border Sheepscapes (2010) developed a focus on field drawing and a knowledge of land use. Working the Tweed (2013) supported development of art-environment networks leading to my ongoing project, Peat Cultures. This was complemented by a Research Masters in Interdisciplinary Creative Practice at Edinburgh College of Art, completed in 2019.

Websites  –  Border Sheepscapes and other field drawing  – Biogeographies, publications and other writing, an archive of artwork.

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