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This project aims to learn about diverse peat cultures and create new artwork. It is lead by Kate Foster, and is an element of the forthcoming Peatland Connections project – part of the Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership programme led by the Crichton Carbon Centre .

An anthology of diverse peat cultures

The first aim is to profile the ways peatlands contribute to existing community culture, skills and knowledge. This can be thought of as a living heritage. This work is centred on Galloway Glens but also takes into account how peatlands are valued elsewhere in Scotland and the UK, and seeks to make international links.

This will develop on this website and on twitter – @peat_cultures .

New artwork

In 2019,  Kate Foster’s focus will be on creating new artwork as artist-in-residence to peatland restoration work that is planned for Galloway Glens through the programme Peatland Action.  Blog posts will document this, and be posted on this website.

This work is complemented by a separate research project – part of Kate’s postgraduate studies in Interdisciplinary Creative Practice at Edinburgh College of Art. Occasional posts will be re-blogged from the artist’s website.

In combination, these activities aim to generate material for later exhibition.

Artwork relating to peat and wetlands

Kerry Morrison (director of In-situ arts) is a consultant to Peat Cultures and contributes considerable experience of environment art in diverse communities.  Kerry and Kate are creating a forum to widen the scope, reach and impact of ecological art and peat restoration. Here is a link providing information about the respective Landscape Partnerships we are working with, and our artistic aims.

Small Print. All external sources will be linked or referenced. If you find the project work useful for publications etc, it would be great to hear from you. Text and images © Kate Foster (website administrator) unless otherwise stated.

Peat Cultures is non-profit and supported by voluntary effort.

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